13 Feb

Four Things You Really Shouldn’t Do After an Accident

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Unfortunately, one of the most common occurrences in the United States is car accidents. Every year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 10.8 million car accidents. Fortunately, most don’t result in a fatality, but many, if not most, do result in bodily harm or physical damage to the automobiles involved. Subsequently, a car accident can quickly land you in court, having to defend yourself against experienced personal injury attorneys and trying to avoid an expensive car accident injury claim. If you want to help yourself avoid being slapped with a car accident compensation claim, follow these four tips for thing Read More

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12 Feb

When Should You Hire a Top Family Lawyer?

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When people divorce for the first time, many of end up asking themselves, “Do I need a lawyer for family court?” If this sounds you, the answer should really be obvious. Unless you are an attorney and are licensed to practice law, you should never come to court without any attorney for anything more serious than a traffic ticket or local code violation.

According to a recent study, 46% of first marriages in the United States ends in divorce, and the average length of time that couple who divorce remain married is approximately eight years. The divorce rate for couples who remarry increased to nearly 60%, while those who marry for a third time end up divorcing neary 70% of the time. Divorce is so common among Americans, that someone in the United States files for divorce every four minutes!

If you ar Read More

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11 Feb

Courts Will Show Holmes’ Disturbing Cellphone Images as Evidence

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A ruling on Friday gave prosecutors permission to use images from James Holmes’ cellphone in the Colorado shooting trial, The Associated Press reported on Monday. Among the images are “eerie self-portraits taken before the attack,” The Associated Press adds. Prior to the ruling, defense attorneys argued that examining images on Holmes’ phone was unconstitutional.

Disturbing Mobile Phone Evidence May Play a Significant Role in Holmes’ Trial

“Other photos on the phone amount to surveillance of the theater taken up to three weeks before the shootings,” prosecutors revealed to The Associated Press. ABC adds that the same ruling also granted permissions to use Holmes’ emails, bank records, and computer data. Cellphone images likely to be sho Read More

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07 Feb

A Look at ERISA Laws

What does it mean erisa hours

There are many people who wonder about ERISA laws and how they could affect them. The ERISA definition is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 that covers the minimum standards required for private industry pension plans. ERISA laws were signed by President Gerald Ford on September 2, 1974.
The main goal of ERISA laws is to protect the interest of employees in regards to benefit plans. ERISA laws require that the financial information be disclosed to plan beneficiaries. In addition, these lawyers also establish a code of conduct for plan fiduciaries, as well as setting forth available legal remedies through the federal court system.
ERISA la Read More

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07 Feb

The Best Defense Against DUI Charges

Dui lawyer columbus ohio

Did you know that nearly 15% of all drivers in the state of Ohio has been convicted of driving while impaired at least one time? Although some drunk driving defendants can enter plea bargains if they did not cause an accident and have no prior DUI offense, the penalties for drunk driving are usually far more severe.

Even though drunk driving laws can vary considerably from state to state, the consequences of drunk driving are usually severe. This is particularly true for individuals who are charged with a DUI multiple times. Regardless if it’s your first offense or tenth offense, drunk driving penalties can be serious for anyone who is charged with dr Read More

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