24 May

How and When to Post Bail

Bail bonds

If someone you know has been arrested or there is a warrant out for their arrest, chances are that you will be needing to post bail for them at some point in the near future. If you have never dealt with the courts before then you should know that bail is a little more complicated than television shows. It’s a lot more than a judge banging his gavel and yelling out ‘bail is set for 20,000 dollars’ and everyone shuffling to get out. There are different kinds of bonds, different ways to pay, different bail bond services that are offered and more.

A bail bond company works much like a lender who only lends to people that need to get someone out of jail. However, the different is, that a bail bondsman takes a big risk because if t Read More

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16 May

What Every Motorcyclist Needs to Know About Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Their Area This Summer and Beyond

Truck accidents

Motorcycles are truly amazing machines, and riding one offers a sense of freedom that can only be personally experienced and not described by words. It’s the closest thing to flying, and the feeling can be exhilarating as well as addicting. People often say after getting over the initial fear of riding a motorcycle, they become hooked once they actually learn how to ride! Motorcycles also an iconic symbol of the United States itself, right up there with cherry red pick up trucks, hot rods, and of course, warm apple pie. However, as beautiful as these machines are, they can also be quite dangerous if proper safety and security isn’t practiced.

With the official start of summer only a few short weeks away, you’re probably eager to take your motorcycle out on the open road. In fact, you may have even done so Read More

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06 May

Four Things That Help Win Police Misconduct Lawsuits

Minnesota police brutality attorney

Many of us would probably agree that most cops are here to serve and protect us, and most cops have good intentions. However, as with any organization that is made up of thousands of different humans of varying degrees of character, not everyone behind the badge has good intentions. Some cops are terrible humans who do atrocious things. In other cases, otherwise good police officers make mistakes and utilize excessive force or deliberate indifference which results in harming you.

Whether or not the police officer who abused his authority and harmed you is a generally good or bad human doesn’t change the hurt they caused. Being a victim of Read More

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