11 Jul

What Not to Forget When Writing a Will

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It is important to protect yourself, your family, and your assets in case an accident or emergency happens. Writing a will does not have to be complicated, but some are too nervous to get the process started. So in order to ensure you are protected, here are some things to consider while formulating your living will.

1. Keep the small stuff in mind

Unfortunately, it is all too common for family members to fight and quarrel over their loved one’s possessions. So even though it is important to keep your larger assets in mind– think your home and bank accounts– it is equally as important to write down a list of family heirlooms so th Read More

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05 Jul

Court Reporting Could This Be The Career Path For You?

Court reporting agencies

There are many different career paths for people to follow. However, it can be a bit more difficult for people to change career fields after already getting started in one. This often involves going back to school, which is daunting for anyone — on both a personal and financial level. If a person is going to return to school, they should pursue a career that is both stable and in demand. Most likely, they won’t want to be in school for a long period of time. Ideally, those returning to school want a field that they can enter after a minimal amount of schooling, that offers plenty of job prospects. Court reporting is not a field that necessarily comes to everyone’s mind immediately. However, it certainly has much to offer, and is both interesting and not so difficult that it would be a rough career f Read More

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