31 Aug

Don’t Think You Just Have to Foreclose! Explore Your Other Options!

Best real estate attorney

Everyone can agree that losing one’s home would be devastating, whether it’s a home you own or are renting. In many cases, homeowners may feel like there’s no alternative solution for them — that the home they’ve been residing in is simply going to be foreclosed, because they can’t make their mortgage payments. For many Americans, this is a scary reality.. Perhaps, due to the economic recession, they’ve been laid off or had a difficult time making ends meet. However, there are alternatives available other than foreclosure or the eviction process and it’s important for homeowners to know what those are. In some cases, property dispute mediation may be helpful — it may allow the home Read More

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05 Aug

How to Become a Successful Court Reporter

Nationwide court reporting

Most people have sat in the court room during a trial at some point. However, most people have probably not noticed the court reporter. There are court reporters in every court room, documenting all of the events and the specific talks of each person. They are quiet, sitting in a corner, working on accurately typing word for word. Although you rarely notice the court reporters in the court room, they are an important part of the legal process. They are there to document everything that is said, so that there is permanent record of the proceeding of the court that day. They must be entirely accurate and they must be quick. If you possess these qualities, court reporting may be a great option for you.

Court reporting is a very independent job. You do not have coworkers that you regularly work wit Read More

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02 Aug

How Legislative Intent Keeps the System Running Correctly

Legislative intent

The legal system of the United States government keeps the country running smoothly by making sure laws are followed and those who break them are punished. When the court or lawyers have questions about certain laws and regulations and need some clarity on the specifics, they reach out to the Legislative Intent Service.

About the United States Legal and Political System

There were 1,268,011 licensed lawyers registered in the U.S. in 2012. Typically, most lawyers are male, with a ratio of 70% male lawyers and 30% female lawyers as the American Bar Association reported in 2005. The same study also reported that 28% of U.S. lawyers are between the ages of 45 and 54 years old.

The United States Senate includes 100 members, two elected Senators from each of the states, regardl Read More

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