26 Nov

Personal Injury Claims for Car Crashes

Roads connect the entire United States, from the interstate highways to city roads to smaller country roads and neighborhoods, but the unfortunate truth is that sometimes, accidents will happen on the roads, and people may get injured or even killed in a car crash or when a truck slips and crashes. Vehicles big and small may lose control for one reason or another and cause bodily harm, and when this happens, such as in trucking accidents, personal injury attorneys may be called upon to settle the case and get settlement money from the at-fault party’s insurance company, or workers’ compensation. Trucking accidents can happen in good weather conditions or bad, and car accidents are tragically common. What can be done to prevent them, and what should a victim do after the accident?

Dangers of the Road

Car drivers, truck drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians are all potential victims of a roadside accident, and sometimes, heavy trucks going out of control can cause serious da Read More

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13 Nov

Business Litigation and Breach of Contract for Construction Companies

The need for lawyers for construction companies has been slowing increasing over the past decade or so. The number of construction arbitration cases seem to grow annually, as there were already over 550 cases worth at least half a million dollars in 2015. However, even after a five-year dip going into the year 2011 with a 40% loss of the construction workforce, the 2016 size of the industry was still over a trillion dollars.

How to Find the Construction Law Firm

There are any number of reasons why your construction company may need a law firm, or as a construction employee, you may need a law firm. Additionally, there are the clients who may need a construction law firm if the agreement is broken between the two of you. Considering the contracts that are agreed upon between a contractor and construction company, or a construction company and a client, there is much to battle if the terms of those agreements are broken in any way. The construction law firm then comes into Read More

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