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Josef Kelly
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Welcome to my new blog Attorney Newsletter, where I’ll bring you up to date information on law related content as well as the latest legal news, information and ways to find a quality law firm. I’m Josef Kelly.

I used to be a common man with no special knowledge of the law. I used to get batted around like a mouse by the various bureaucracies in my life. For whatever reason I had a knack for getting myself into those kinds of situations. Even just trying to get a cheeseburger, I’d end up being sent to a tall desk where a man in an ill-fitting suit would tell me I needed to get a form signed and present a copy of my birth certificate. After years of dealing with all of this I decided to get educated. I went to law school and earned my professional certification. I began practicing law, fighting the very bureaucracies that used to make my life a mess.

As an attorney myself, I know what qualities a good attorney possesses. That’s why I decided to start a blog dedicated to helping people find an attorney that suits their needs and their personality. So take a walkabout and see what you can find in this virtual newsletter of mine.

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