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10 Jan

Installing a Dash Cam on Police Cruisers

A dash camera for car use can be a very useful tool for police officers and other law enforcement agents today, and a number of statistics for police work have demonstrated that a dash camera for car work can make a situation safer and smoother for everyone involved. A similar concept is putting body cams on police officers and state troopers while they are on the job, and the benefits of police body cameras have also been made clear. A police agency may consider body camera costs or the budget for buying a dash camera for car use for each police cruiser, and get the benefits that come with these devices. Just how can a body-worn camera or dash cams make a difference for today’s police officer?

Rats of Camera Use

The use of a dash camera for car work is hardly new, nor is it obscure; many police agencies are already using them across the United States. as of 2013, the worldwide dashboard camera market (police and otherwise) had reached a value of $1.458 billion, and exper Read More

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