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05 Dec

Don’t Let Your Creations Get Stolen, Understand Your Intellectual Property Rights

What Is Intellectual Property Litigation?

Intellectual property is any creation of the mind including artistic works, product inventions, and scientific discoveries. The creators rights are protected on both a state and federal level, which means any intellectual property issues are taken up in both court systems.

Intellectual property is protected with patents, trademarks, and copyrights, all terms that we hear about often in the media. These terms denote to a specific company or individuals ownership of a product, writing, song, or discovery. Often these are defined under time limits, after which time they can be bought or freely used by different individuals without having to pay royalties.


I you obtain a patent, you are covering an invention or product design that you have created, in addition to the manufacturing of the product. Patent infringement arises when someone else who is unauthorized uses the design, or tries to manufacture a Read More

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