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A Look At Divorce Rates All Throughout The United States And A Discussion Of Why Divorce Occurs

From everything from child support to uncontested divorce forms and seeking out a low cost divorce, the process of seeking out a divorce and divorce help is nothing if not an often complex and emotionally draining one. And here in the United States, divorce is all too common, caused by things that are both predictable and things that might not be so easy to spot. For soon to be divorcees living in the United States, things get even more complicated when children were brought into the marriage, either through birth or adoption. In such cases, it is highly advisable to hire a lawyer well versed in child support laws. Hiring a family divorce lawyer to administer uncontested divorce forms can be a sad thing to do certainly, but it is something that is likely to have a hugely beneficial effect on how smoothly the process of filing for a divorce and splitting up assets as well as determining factors like child custody goes.

Marriages end for a lot of reasons in uncontested divorce forms, with infidelity or another type of betrayal at the top of the list. Other common reasons for the end of a marriage includes abuse (spousal or child or both), a loss of interest between partners, financial problems, and, finally, communication problems. Time is also a factor, with couples who are both on their first marriage divorcing eight years on average into the marriage, if they seek out divorce at all, that is. And the divorce rate increases with the number of times that you marry. While first marriages tend to have a divorce rate of only around forty one percent, the divorce rate for second marriages jumps to sixty percent. And for third marriages, the overall divorce rates is higher than seventy percent at seventy three percent. Even small things like smoking can cause a marriage to end in the long term, as marriages in which only one partner smokes and not both of them have an increased chance of eventually seeking out a divorce by as much as seventy five percent, an astronomical amount. Couples who get married earlier on in life are also more likely to eventually seek a divorce, as they are less likely to have found financial stability and achieved success in their respective careers before the time of their marriage, both of which can put a strain on their marriage, as it has also been found that women who spend just an extra twelve minutes at their place of work per week increase their chance of eventually seeking a divorce by one percent, a small but not insignificant number.

Uncontested divorce forsm can take a long time, particularly when children are involved and child custody must be discussed as custody cases can be solved only thirty percent of the time without mediation. Child support laws also often come into play and child support laws are necessary to discuss if only one parent is going to have primary custody with the other parent having partial custody or even, in some scenarios, none at all. Child support laws are put in place to ensure that the child or children in question will have the financial support that they need, but child support laws should still be discussed, as it is often ideal to avoid needing to set official and legally binding child support payments through child support laws. In the cases of an uncontested divorce, divorcing parents can typically work together through a process of supervised mediation to come to an agreement regarding custody as well as child support, keeping child support laws out of the picture.

Divorce and uncontested divorce forms are all too common no matter where you go in the United States as well as in many other parts of the world to boot. But it’s a fact of life, and one that should be dealt with in as mature a manner as possible such as with uncontested divorce forms. Hiring a family divorce lawyer to administer uncontested divorce forms is helpful, as is setting up mediations with your soon to be ex.

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