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Advice on How to Talk to the Police

Sometimes, talking to the cops before going to a criminal law lawyer is bad because you will give out valuable information. More often than not, the information you’ve given to the police is the only leverage you have, and you may no longer have that leverage.

Here is some advice from a lawyer on how to talk to the police:


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If a cop wants to talk to you, whether you are a person of interest or a witness, it is better to go to the police with your criminal law lawyer by your side. You would want someone who knows everything about your rights.

2. Always have a criminal law lawyer. Instead of yourself doing all the talking and what-not, your criminal law lawyer should be the one representing you and not yourself. These attorneys specialize in these situations, and letting them handle this situation may give you a chance that the charges aren’t brought to court.

3. If you already talked to the police, so be it. Don’t panic and remain calm. Go to your attorney and tell them what you said the police. If the police haven’t gone to the attorney yet, there’s a likely chance that your criminal law lawyer may do something good out of a bad situation.

4. Don’t post something about the situation on social media. Information is valuable, and don’t let that value slip away because of your wrongdoings.

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