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Family Law Attorneys Provide Many Services, From Divorce to the Creation of a Will

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It’s funny how we decide to spend our time. We think nothing of waiting in line, whether standing or in our car in a drive-thru, for 10 minutes to get our favorite cup of coffee. It is puzzling then why nearly 55% of Americans do not take the 15 minutes it would take to create a will. Must be a question of priorities.
Many experienced lawyers who offer a variety of legal services try to emphasize the importance of having a legal document in place that details what should be done with your assets when you are no longer here. In spite of these frequent recommendations, nearly 57% of survey respondents said they have not created a will because they ?just haven?t gotten around to making one.? Unfortunately, what could take a short 15 minutes of your time, can turn into a lengthy process for your family if the proper legal documents are not in place at the time of your death.
In addition to helping clients create a will, professional lawyers also provide many other legal services:

  • Divorce
  • Estate litigation
  • Allocation of counsel fees incurred following a divorce hearing
  • Grandparent visitation rights
  • Child custody
  • Domestic partnerships issues

Meeting with a lawyer does not always mean that the client will incur expensive court costs. In fact, the decision to meet with an attorney in the case of a divorce does not even mean that the couple will ever enter a courtroom. Nearly 95% of all divorce cases reach an out-of-court settlement agreement and never go to court. Additionally, two of every couples who make this decision are satisfied with the outcome of the mediation process.
What is keeping you from getting the legal advice that you need? If you are concerned about the costs know that lawyers, in addition to completing the legal process for divorce, creating wills, and working on child custody, also work toward equal allocation of counsel fees incurred.
Life is about making time for the tasks that are important. If you are someone who frequently takes the time to wait in line for a fancy cup of coffee, a ticket to see the next concert, or a great deal on a television the day after Thanksgiving, doesn’t it also make sense that you would take the time for more important tasks?

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