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Found Yourself Responsible For a Car Accident? Call Car Accident Lawyers

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Phones introduced a whole new dangerous element to driving. Although drunk driving and driving under the influence of medication or drugs still remain an issue, distracted driving is perhaps becoming even more of an issue. There were over 20,000 passengers in cars who died in traffic crashes in 2013 and over two million passengers who were injured. If you’re facing charges due to a car accident that you were responsible for — either because of distraction, fatigue, or driving under the influence — you might want to consider looking into car accident lawyers. Car accident lawyers can often help you lessen your sentence and guide you through the whole legal process, especially if the case is considered a wrongful death and you’re facing huge charges. You may even be able to settle the case outside of court with arbitration or a car accident settlement to the other party or parties affected. It’s always good to have a car accident attorney in your corner, even if it was a small offense!
What Are the Main Causes of Car Crashes and How Serious Is It?
If you’re not convinced that there’s a problem occurring on our roads, these facts might make you reconsider. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there were over 45,000 deaths caused by car crashes in 2005 — the top cause of death due to unintentional accidents. Over 5,000 of these deaths were truck accidents.
In 2013, over 3,000 people died in car accidents caused by distracted drivers and almost 425,000 people were injured to varying degrees. At any moment across America, there are over 650,000 drivers who are engaging with their cell phones or working electronic devices such as Bluetooth, the radio, etc., while they drive. Doing these visual-manual subtasks raises the chances of getting into a car accident as much as three times.
In any given day, there are around 300,000 drunk drivers on the road, but less than 4,000 are actually arrested. Your average drunk driver has driven under the influence at least 80 times before getting caught. Every two minutes, a person gets hurt because of a drunk driving crash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2002, there were almost 17,500 fatalities related to DUI’s. That number accounts for 40% of the traffic deaths in 2002.
Driving while tired is also a dangerous act. The Harvard Medical School suggests that most adults need 7.5-8.5 hours of sleep every 24 hours, but it’s rare for most adults to actually sleep that long. Driving while drowsy puts not only yourself but others at risk. A recent estimate suggests that there are over 100,000 fatigue-related crashes every year and these crashes tragically result in over 1,500 deaths. And new research suggests that one in every five crashes that have large trucks or buses involved have fatigue at the root. Punishing driving hours for truckers are taking a toll and putting others at risk as well.
So What Happens If I Get in an Accident and I’m at Fault?
You’re definitely going to want to get in touch with car accident lawyers to help with your case. Car accident lawyers specialize in this type of case and may even have more specific knowledge in say, DUI charges. They can work with you to try and get your sentence reduced, submit a plea bargain on your behalf, and if you’re working with a DUI, challenge blood, urine, or other sobriety tests that were done on the field.
They’ll also help you prepare and submit the necessary court paperwork and can set up a mediation session with the other party or parties if needed. If there’s an out of court settlement, they can also help arrange and facilitate those proceedings. They bring the knowledge and expertise you need for your case and can be a powerful tool in your corner.
Hopefully you’ll make smart decisions and never find yourself in a position to need a car accident lawyer. On the other hand, accidents do happen, and it’s important to know a reputable lawyer who can help you out when you’re in a bind.

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