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Four Tips for Writing a Great Attorney Newsletter

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Are you interested in creating an attorney newsletter for your law office? A legal newsletter is a great way to retain clients as well as attract new clients by showing off expertise and interest in your area of the law. That said, a bad newsletter can be more of a detriment to your office than not publishing one at all. To stay on track to producing a successful and interesting lawyer newsletter, here are four helpful tips.

One, choose topics that are relevant to your clients. Going into the nitty gritty of a specific court case might seem interesting to you, but if it bears little relevance to the interests and lives of your clients, they will find themselves wondering, Why am I reading this? Using current events and court cases can be a good place to start your attorney newsletter, just make sure to move past that and keep in mind that the audience is your clients.

Two, keep the lawyer talk at a minimum. If you make your attorney newsletter too complicated, your old law professor might compliment you on it, but your clients are not going to understand a word of what you are saying. The point of the attorney newsletter is to communicate with and educate them on a topic, not alienate them.

Three, although it is seemingly basic, remember that your attorney newsletter should be appealing. Make everything unified and easy to read. Keep it simple and do not fluff it up with too many boxes, graphics, or catchy fonts. Your letter should project to readers the image you want to convey, one of professionalism and dignity, not amateur flash.

Four, do not overdo it on selling yourself. Your clients and potential clients already know you are a lawyer, and they hopefully are following your attorney newsletter because they realize you are a fairly successful one. Taking credit for accomplishments is not a bad thing, but remember that no one likes a braggart.

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