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Guide to SSDI Attorney Fees

An SSDI is generally sought after for disability cases in court. They can help someone gather evidence in matters relating to SSDI and adequately represent someone in a hearing with a level of sensitivity required for cases related to Social Security Disability Insurance. Hiring a lawyer is costly enough, so it’s important to understand where your investment should be made in an SSDI lawyer should you find yourself in an SSDI case.

Firstly, it should be understood that the social security administration must approve any fee that an attorney charges. This approval will only be made after the fee is agreed upon.

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Any SSDI attorney that attempts to wrangle a payment out of a defendant is engaging in unethical behavior. A fee agreement between the attorney and the plaintiff must be submitted first.

There are also contingency fees that need to be considered in the process. Social security disability claims are charged on a contingency basis. This just means that a fee cannot be collected unless you are victorious in your case. Generally, the fee is 25% of any past-due benefits and this fee is capped at $6,000.

A guide to SSDI attorney fees is linked in the video above, and we recommend you follow it intently to understand the details of investing in an SSDI attorney.


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