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Having A Body Camera Can Show The Human Side of Law Enforcement

Body worn cameras

In the current age of social media and the internet, it can be difficult to trust people with authority for a variety of reasons. Leaks and scandals seem to happen daily, and things that have shaken the trust of the general public have occurred all to much. This is true especially of the police.

But there is a way to restore public trust and generate fewer complaints and cries of outrage. According to studies, police equipped with body cameras receive 93% fewer complaints from the public. And police cars that have dash cams and footage can increase the strength of a claim or an arrest.

And there are several additional benefits to this, too, besides generating public trust. Here are a few extra benefits of police dash cams and body cams:

Prevent Violence

When police wear a body camera, both police and respondents are far less likely to use violence during an encounter. There have been studies by the University of Cambridge that demonstrate this. The study showed that the use of force dropped more than 50%, and as such the use of body cameras could make the streets safer for officers and the general public.


This is more of a no-brainer benefit, but continuously wearing body cameras would hold police accountable for their conduct. Whether that conduct be appropriate or inappropriate. It would let the public, and the officials, know exactly what happened during an encounter.

Show The Human Side

The cameras could also improve the public view of the officers as a whole by showing them as more than just authority figures. Sitting in the station, or in a patrol car, talking and interacting with other individuals. Being human. These things can allow the public to have more sympathy for the police.

Body and dash cams are a good investment for any public or private security and law enforcement organization for those reasons. The most important of them being the accountability. You want to make sure that your officers are performing their duty to the expected levels.

If you have any questions about obtaining a body or dash cam, contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and supply you with these valuable tools.

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