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Here is What You Need to Understand About Bail Bonds

Bail bonds may seem confusing. However, they are actually quite simple. They are also incredibly important if you don’t have the money for bail. If you can’t pay bail, you could be spending the night in prison. In this video, you will learn the basics of bail bonds.

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This should hopefully clear up any questions you may have.

Many bail bond services have certain requirements in place that you must maintain. For example, you can’t attempt to leave the local area. This could be seen as fleeing and result in a representative from the agency coming to escort you back. There are also requirements such as not conducting any additional criminal activity.

Most bail bonds are cash bonds. These bonds use cash as collateral. You then pay the bail bond company interest on this cash amount. However, there is also another type of bond. Property bonds use your property as collateral for your bail. This may seem like a scary option. However, you will get it back as long as you show up for your court date. Just make sure to write it on your calendar and set multiple reminders along with your alarm.


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