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Hiring a Lawyer For Your Will or a Divorce

A number of undertakings by an adult today call for the assistance of a lawyer or attorney from a nearby law firm, and this may include anything from a personal injury case after a car crash to divorce or even trusts and wills, and a good lawyer such as a divorce attorney or adoption attorneys can help with this. Estate planning law can be helpful for those who need to write trusts and wills, since a person’s money and assets may be abused if they pass on without trusts and wills to protect those assets. Today, anyone interested can have trusts and wills written effectively with a lawyer’s assistance, or legal help can be sought during a difficult divorce. What might these lawyers do their their clients to get good results?

Divorce and an Attorney

It is fairly common today for spouses to file divorce papers, and a number of common reasons for seeking a divorce have been determined over the years. While two out of three divorces are initiated by women, anyone who feels the need can reach out to a divorce law firm and get legal help for starting this paperwork effectively. And a divorce attorney may be even more important if kid are involved, as this brings in the issue of child custody. Nearly 30% of failing marriages today involve a child under the age of 18, so custody may be something that is bitterly contested in divorce court. Most often, American adults file for divorce after a case of infidelity by their spouse, and some other common reasons may be alcohol or substance abuse, emotional or verbal abuse, violence or the constant threat thereof, or even a lack of compatibility in lifestyle and personalities. Often, this involves conflicting ideas of how to spend money or raise a child or even where to live, and two spouses who cannot get along may choose to get a legal separation or even a divorce. One may also note that two people who date for at least three years or so before getting engaged tend to have stronger marriages than those who got engaged after 12 months or fewer of dating. This is a critical time for testing compatibility.

If a person is filing for divorce, they will want a divorce attorney on their side to make the separation as clean and effective as possible, and the client may use their lawyer for child custody purposes, as well as for claiming assets and money. A divorce proceeding may also involve the filer moving out of the shared residence and to a second, more private residence, especially if the other spouse was abusive or threatening in some manner. The other spouse may also hire an attorney to represent their side, and these two attorneys and the court will work to settle the case in a fair and meaningful manner. Child custody court may also be involved if there is one or more child under the age of 18 in the divorcing household, and many kids today live in divorcing households. Their custody may be hotly contested, but statistic show that in general, a child will live with his or her divorced mother after everything is settled.

Trusts and Wills

An estate planning lawyer can be vital for drafting and enforcing trusts and wills, and if a person has a considerable estate, such paperwork may be vital. Many older Americans know the value of this; 72% of living seniors have a living will, and this can protect their assets for their family. If no such will is drawn up, then the person’s property, money, or even a privately-owned business may be seized or abused by creditors or by greedy family members. For those with a large estate, this can be a real problem, and a number of younger adults under age 65 do not have a will at all, either due to procrastination or believing that their estate is too small to bother with. But hiring an estate lawyer ensures that the deceased’s money and assets end up fairly in the right hand and for the right reasons, and this can help keep reckless creditors away.

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