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How Some People Make Money From Bail

Cash bail guarantees that anyone accused of a crime undergoing a trial will not avoid the hearings. Some companies offer reliable bail bonds by agreeing to be responsible for the required bail. If the individual makes all the necessary court appearances, the money is handed back.

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However, if the accused fails to show up without an explanation, then the amount is forfeit to the government. There are a lot of confusing details surrounding bail, but the video, Who Makes Money From Bail, has some enlightening content.

Many people who are arrested can either stay in jail as they wait for a trial or during the court sessions if they are not able to meet bail. Alternatively, they can seek the services of a private bond company. There are, however, some conditions attached to this service.

The company will assume the obligation of the bond in exchange for a nonrefundable fee called a premium. It ranges between 10-15 percent of the total bond. In addition, the company will secure the remaining amount through collateral such as a house, vehicle, jewelry, or any other valuables worth the equivalent. If the accused fails to show up in court, then the company retains the collateral. The premium, however, serves as the profit regardless of whether the individual shows up to court or not.

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