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How to Prepare Your Case

In this video, you will learn how to prepare your case. It is rumored that a case interview is already determined in the first three minutes. The rest of the time remaining is just procedure. This is good news and should make you feel a little less stressed.

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Most people won’t perform well right off the bat. It is much easier to be great for three minutes rather than for 30 minutes. You can kill the opening of every case if you practice this. You want to start the case super strong. The structure of the opening to your case is important. Thank the interviewer for the case, naturally and sincerely. The next step is to announce your case introduction. One of the crucial tips you’ll hear is the map habit. Pause to express where you have been and where you are going. This is the very beginning of the case. To the interviewer, make sure you clarify. Recap what you have just said. Make sure you understand what has just been given to you. Play it back in your own words and loosely understand the word structure. Every detail should be perfectly formed.

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