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How to Tell What Type of Lawyer You Need for Your Case

Legal issues are unwanted to most people as they are often financially and emotionally draining. However, some occurrences make them inevitable, for instance, an accident, financial troubles, injury, property wrangles, inheritance battles, and so much more. It can be confusing and overwhelming when you don’t know where to begin; a common question you may ask yourself is, ‘How do I know what type of lawyer I need?’ Read on to uncover the different attorney niches, their roles, and how they can ease your legal process.

Different Types of Lawyers and Their Specialities

Lawyers for Medical Malpractice

A medical malpractice lawyer represents clients who have suffered any disease, condition, illness, or injury from a healthcare professional’s negligence. They take on cases involving the wrongful death of a loved one to ensure clients receive the best possible compensation for the injury or loss. The lawyer must have medical expertise due to the technicality of such cases.

The attorney must understand the science behind medicine to defend your case sufficiently. Be wary of those rushing for settlements when seeking a medical malpractice lawyer. If mediation fails, your lawyer must have the confidence and experience to push your case to trial. The law firm must possess sufficient resources to launch investigations, hire expert witnesses, and perform legal research.

Landlord Lawyer

A landlord rights lawyer is a legal representative for landlord-tenant relationships. They are knowledgeable about landlord-tenant law and ensure tenants comply with it while safeguarding their constitutional rights and interests. The attorney advises landlords to comply with all prior and upcoming legislation and rental policies. They also draft and review lease agreements to

Develop reasonable, equitable terms within tenants’ rights.

If you’re a landlord and you’re wondering, ‘How do I know what type of lawyer I need?’ then consider finding a firm specializing in landlord-tenant law. Such attorneys will assist you with eviction proceedings, dispute resolution, mediation, and litigation or legal representation. They will help you navigate the legal aspects of a property sale or purchase transaction by conducting due diligence.

Estate Planner

An estate planning attorney is licensed to offer guidance in end-of-life planning. They are also known as estate probate attorneys who educate clients on the legal complexities affecting their asset or property’s transfer, disbursement, or taxation. With their help, you can customize a plan that reflects your wishes or decisions to be implemented upon your death or incapacitation. The lawyer ensures these decisions are within the scope of state and federal laws and provides insight into your estate plan.

Your estate planner will prepare your wills and trusts, among other documents, identify your beneficiaries, and inform you of the most suitable type of trust for your needs. They help clients avoid the probate process, which can be lengthy and painful for family members. The lawyer will establish all relevant trusts to protect the transfer process upon death and reduce estate tax burdens through tax planning.

Criminal Attorney

Criminal lawyers defend clients accused of minor and major criminal offenses such as robbery, assault, kidnapping, conspiracy, bribery, and arson. The attorney bears the burden of proof to illustrate that their client did not commit the accused crime. They conduct legal research and investigations to determine a probable outcome. The lawyer helps clients to understand the law and the possible legal implications based on their unique case details.

Confusion is common when one is accused of a crime, and a common question that follows is, ‘How do I know what type of lawyer I need?’ A criminal defense attorney will help you navigate the unfamiliar legal process by representing them in hearing, arraignments, and court trials. They will negotiate pleas, settlements, and negotiations and present evidence before a jury should the case go to trial.

Intellectual Property Attorney

An intellectual property lawyer helps businesses protect their intellectual property (IP) by representing them in court, negotiations, or offering legal counsel. Their scope of work varies from simple roles like preparing documents for patents or trademarks to more complex functions like filing a lawsuit if their client’s IP is used without authorization. The lawyer maintains a strong network of trademark-issuing institutions within the U.S. and worldwide for a smooth patent or trademark application process.

If your business has suffered over-assertions of IP by other brands or businesses, you may ask yourself, ‘How do I know what type of lawyer I need?’ An IP attorney can compose a formal letter citing your ownership of the IP and illustrate how it was used without authorization. They will negotiate with the opposing counsel on your behalf, and if all else fails, they will represent your case in court for fair judgment.

Gun Crime Lawyer

A gun crime attorney is equipped with knowledge and expertise surrounding cases involving firearms, gun crimes, and armed offenses. These are often major crimes that include but are not limited to illegal firearm possession, unlawful sale or purchase, unlawful discharge of a firearm, and carrying a concealed firearm without a valid permit. Proper legal representation is a crucial factor between conviction and acquittal.

If these charges sound familiar and you’re facing the endearing question of ‘how do I know what type of lawyer I need?’ then consider a law firm specializing in gun crime and armed offenses. The attorneys will help you reduce the charges, dismiss the case, or negotiate plea deals. They will interpret the federal and state gun laws to help you understand the crime and will prepare legal documents needed for the defense process. The legal fees often depend on the lawyer’s experience, case complexity, and trial length.

Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident attorney helps clients receive compensation for any damage or loss resulting from another driver’s negligence. They also file personal injury claims if one or more passengers or pedestrians were injured or died due to the accident. The lawyer proves the accident was a direct consequence of the accused driver’s actions or inactions and could have been avoided if the driver used more sound judgment on the road. They also prove their client has suffered emotionally, psychologically, financially, or physically after the ordeal.

The attorney will seek compensation for lost wages, rehabilitation costs, medical bills, loss of breadwinner’s income, emotional or psychological turmoil, and more. Most law firms focus on creating a seamless process for their clients through minimal client involvement during this difficult time. The accused driver may be required to take defensive driving courses, among other punishments agreed upon in court or mediation.

Business Lawyer

A business attorney deals with corporate legal matters to help small, medium, and large businesses comply with laws and policies in their jurisdiction. If you own a business and constantly wonder, ‘How do I know what type of lawyer I need?’ These attorneys are your go-to option. They will help you with your day-to-day agreements, contracts, and legal documentation to deter costly legal problems.

You can have the lawyer consistently on your payroll or hire them occasionally on a contract basis. They will assist in many scenarios, including risk management, mergers and acquisitions, compliance, and deal negotiation. If your business gets sued, a lawyer represents you in court litigation to safeguard your interests.

Human Rights Attorney

As the name suggests, a human rights lawyer offers legal counsel and representation to victims of human rights violations. The attorneys illustrate areas where national and international human rights laws, statutes, and treaties were violated and caused harm to a person or group of people. Their cases can be quite complex, involving entire communities whose rights were not respected or promoted by fellow citizens, groups, or governments. The cases may feature crimes like genocide, torture, or arbitrary arrest.

The lawyer may work in advocacy and diplomacy for an NGO, international organization, or government. Human rights attorneys can help formulate relevant laws to safeguard communities as informed by their expertise. They may participate in social action activities like organized protests or go-slows to advocate for greater equity or after a rights violation. They are a go-to person if your rights are violated, and you’re wondering, ‘How do I know what type of lawyer I need?’


Unlike a criminal defense attorney, a prosecutor’s job is to charge suspects and try criminal cases. They collaborate with law enforcement to prove a suspect committed a specific crime and have them convicted by a jury or judge. The prosecutor screens criminals, assesses the evidence, drafts charges, handles appeals, and prepares cases for trial.

Although they may collaborate with victims and witnesses, the lawyers work for the government to uphold federal law. Prosecutors are found in magistrate, district, local, and high courts. When deciding which cases to pick, they consider diverse factors, including the public’s interest in a specific case.

Immigration Lawyer

If you’re a foreigner having trouble with their legal documentation and wondering, ‘How do I know what type of lawyer I need?’, consider contacting an immigration attorney. Their job is to help people from other places enter the country legally and eventually become citizens. They also represent clients with negative reports on their immigration status, including those facing possible deportation. Immigration law is noted as one of the more purposeful law categories.

The immigration attorney prepares documentation, testimonials, and paperwork to aid their bargain with national government agencies. They interpret and apply the law to solace problems that hinder free entry into the country. The attorney helps clients apply for visas and green cards and represents unaccompanied minors to help them gain asylum or special immigrant juvenile status.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When an injury occurs at work, most employees downplay it, especially when the employer offers some quick relief like a paid leave. But some injury cases are dire and may leave one wondering, ‘how do I know what type of lawyer I need?’ A workers’ compensation lawyer is the person to turn to if you wish to recover the most suitable compensation following a work-related injury. The lawyer represents the employees’ interest in negotiating with employers and insurance companies.

Often, employers seek to settle matters swiftly and with the least cost possible. A workers’ compensation lawyer ensures victims are not shortchanged in negotiation or litigation. They gather necessary medical evidence, depose the involved parties, draft motions or briefs, and file the necessary paperwork on behalf of their client. Alternatively, some workers’ compensation lawyers can negotiate on behalf of the employer to settle lawsuits filed by employees.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Are you facing a financial crisis and wondering, ‘how do I know what type of lawyer I need?’ You must hire a bankruptcy lawyer if your business has run out of funds. The attorney will provide legal advice, represent you in court and act as an intermediary between you and debt collectors. They negotiate with debt collectors to see how to reduce or eliminate loans.

The lawyer will identify which form of bankruptcy you are facing and file all necessary paperwork required by law. They will inform you whether you can keep your car, home, or other assets. Their job is to help you avoid legal mistakes while filing for bankruptcy which may result in long-term financial consequences. Ensure your preferred attorney is licensed to practice in the state where they do business.

Entertainment Lawyer

If you are an artist looking for legal representation and asking yourself, ‘how do I know what type of lawyer I need?’ turn to an entertainment lawyer to help you secure fair compensation for your artistry. The attorney evaluates contracts, production deals, financial agreements, and other documentation to uphold client rights. They mainly focus on film, television, music, publishing, and theater industries. The lawyer can assist if you’re dissatisfied with your current contract.

The legal industry is diverse, with many attorney categories. The good thing is the more specific the niche, the better the service delivery since the lawyer has expertise in the specified area. The above list of attorneys can help you pinpoint which one is the most relevant for your legal issue if you are looking to hire an attorney soon.

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