I Need To Get Out Of This Timeshare Who Can Help Me?

How to sell a timeshare legally

Owning a home should be the choice of a lifetime.

When you own a timeshare, it’s anything but. This has proven one of the most contentious issues of our lifetime, with millions of Americans stuck in limbo between their timeshare and their goals for the future. If this description fits you and you’re fed up with waiting for a solution, reaching out to a timeshare attorney is what you need to do. The list below will detail common concerns from homeowners struggling with a timeshare as well as solutions you can turn to in your time of need.

I Don’t Know How To Get Out Of A Timeshare

Learning how to get out of a timeshare means being honest with your deepest fears. A timeshare cancellation is only possible when you admit your own limitations and reach out to professionals experienced in the art of undoing this homeowning scam. Timeshare lawyers work specifically in the field of helping homeowners cancel their contract and get their life back together piece-by-piece. It’s estimated over 3% of American households own a timeshare. Make sure 2018 is a year you can claim as your own.

I’m Worried Applying For Help Will Be Too Expensive

Did you know the average price of a brand new timeshare is over $20,000? By comparison the cost of a timeshare lawyer will be nothing compared to the financial and personal freedom you’ll be bestowed once you learn how to get out of a timeshare. The average age of timeshare owners in the country is around 47 years old and it’s estimated there are still over 1,500 timeshare resorts practicing as we speak. If you want to learn how to cancel a timeshare you need to make sure you have an experienced party by your side.

I’m Concerned The State I Live In Will Work Against Me

No matter where you live, there are timeshare lawyers eager to help you start your timeshare contract release. It’s estimated as many as 25% of all American timeshares located in Florida alone, meaning you may have even more help to choose from depending on your location. Financial hardship is only getting heavier from here and the nature of a timeshare just isn’t conducive to the lifestyles many want for themselves. An industry study provided by EY (Ernst and Young) revealed over 55% of reclaimed timeshares stem from foreclosure alone.

I’m Tired Of The Financial Hardship And Don’t Want More

Times are getting hard. Homeowning is more expensive than it’s ever been and the economy is expected to see a notable dip in available jobs. What does this mean for you and your own struggles? A 2016 survey saw over 65% of timeshare owners citing the ‘too high’ maintenance fees as one of their primary reasons for wanting out of their contract. Another 45% said the high fees were the most important reason. Should any of these describe you even remotely you are in dire need of help as soon as possible.

I’ve Never Hired A Timeshare Attorney Before

Getting started is often the hardest step. Reaching out to timeshare lawyers in Florida, or anywhere else you reside, is how you learn how to cancel a timeshare and put your life squarely back in your own two hands. According to a 2016 study on shared vacation ownership an impressive 7% of American households (that’s over nine million people) own one or more types of shared ownership products. Too many people put off canceling their timeshare because of longevity, joint ownership or perceived incompetence. With a timeshare cost calculator and professional eye you can turn what’s previously thought to be impossible into a reality.

Don’t let a timeshare bully you anymore. Let a timeshare lawyer give you a helping hand out of this pit and teach you how to get out of a timeshare.

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