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If you or a loved one get arrested, it is important to understand the concept of bail. Bail is money that is held by the court to guarantee that you will return for your trial. You need to know bail decision is made at what stage, but you also need to know if you’ll be paying bail cash or bond. If you’re paying cash, then you will pay bail custody and leave until your trial. If you can’t afford to pay bail yourself, you can either stay in jail until trial or use a bail bond to get out.

A bail bond is a loan that is used to pay for your bail. You’ll receive your returned bail during trial and pay it back with interest. While it is ultimately more expensive to use a bond, it is an option for those who don’t have the money to pay bail themselves. Bail is used to ensure you’ll return for the trial. If you return, your money is returned. If you don’t, you get an arrest warrant issued and don’t receive your money back.

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