I’ve Been In A Car Accident What Do I Do Next?

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The first thing you think of after a car accident is, “What happens next?”. The United States sees thousands of people asking themselves this very question on a daily basis, since car crashes are common and, unfortunately, almost always devastating. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous about your finances, much less stepping behind a moving vehicle again after feeling your life veer out of control. When the stress threatens to overwhelm, it’s time to admit you need a little help getting back on track.

Just like nobody expects to be in a car crash, few are ever prepared for the process that comes with hiring a car accident attorney to represent them. Prepare yourself with the simple list below so you can ask the right questions from beginning to end.

What Causes Car Crashes?

You’re probably wondering why you, of all people, just got into a wreck. You’re a safe driver, right? As it stands, car crashes can originate from all sorts of sources. It can be as complex as a hardware error in your vehicle’s make-up and as simple as looking away from the road at the wrong time. Distracted driving is a very common issue that is beginning to see a dip in relevance, with the percentage of drivers using cell phones while on the open road decreasing from 2015 to 2016. Drunk driving, road rage and manufacturer errors are additional causes that cause people to seek out personal injury lawyers when they expect it least.

How Many Car Crashes Occur Daily?

You’re far from the only one trying to rise out of the aftermath of a crash. The year 2015 saw over 88,000 motorcyclists injured — although this was down by 4% from the year prior, this number is still far too high and could be reduced greatly with a number of different factors. According to the Association For Safe International Road Travel (also known as ASIRT), over 37,000 Americans will die in a car crash every year. For those fortunate enough to come out of a car crash relatively intact, personal injury and hurt finances are another slog to move through.

What Local Laws Come Into Play?

Depending on where the crash occurs you could see a number of different rules entering into the equation. This ranges from speed limit regulations to the amount of alcohol your blood requires to warrant an arrest. Oregon traffic laws currently state that any vehicle moving in traffic must have a turn signal used at least 100 feet away before a lane change. The BAC required in Utah for a drunk driving charge, as another example, is 0.05% compared to the standard 0.08% in all other states. Just like any other element, your car accident attorney knows these local laws well.

What Warrants A Drunk Driving Charge?

It’s vital to make sure you’re completely healthy and aware before stepping behind the wheel. Some people will even resist the urge to drive while physically ill, so important it is to have all your wits about you when surrounded by other drivers. Drugs other than alcohol are involved in an estimated 16% of all annual motor vehicle crashes. These include both illegal drugs, like cocaine, and legal drugs, such as marijuana (depending on the state) and painkillers. Even a very minor bout of drowsiness can impair your reaction time and it takes just a second to get into a crash that could change your life forever.

How Can A Car Accident Attorney Help Me?

You ask yourself, “What next?”. A car accident attorney will make sure you get there without fuss. These are legal professionals who will provide you with every resource possible to get you out of this stressful, sticky situation. They will represent you in court hearings, walk you through tedious paperwork and answer any questions you have involving additional circumstances such as injury or drunk driving accusations. If you’re unsure how to proceed? A simple consultation can mean the world for a mind already cluttered with questions.

A personal injury law firm is only a call away. How will you make sure your life takes a turn for the better?

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