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Little Known Facts About Petty Theft Bail Bonds

In this video, a criminal defense attorney talks about what petty theft bail bonds can do for an individual. Watch to learn more!

He talks about how defense attorneys are able to get petty theft cases dismissed. He talks about a method called diversion and its different applications.

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It is a program that allows clients to do community service as well as some classes to get their case dismissed. Certain organizations have the ability to veto these diversions, but there is a way around this. The attorney talks about instances when loss prevention agents were rude and unprofessional with his client. He mentions this because the loss prevention agency is one of the organizations with the power to veto a diversion.

The attorney talks about another method called pretrial intervention which is a program designed to go straight to the judge rather than having to go through all the steps that a diversion requires. The added component to this program is drug treatment. This is usually 8-12 weeks of outpatient treatment that needs to be done in order for this method to work.

If you have any further questions regarding petty theft bail bonds or case dismissal programs, reach out to a local defense attorney for more information.

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