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There are a number of legal newsletters and periodicals available for legal professionals. Some of these lawyer newsletters are produced by individual firms, advertising newly hired personnel, successful cases, and directing clients and business partners to articles published by the partners, and other attorney newsletters are published by professional legal councils, associations, and more. These lawyer newsletters offer a number of forums and topics for legal professionals to consider, contribute to, and read. Many of these articles regard imminent legal decisions and the precedents they could set, debating the implications of precedent, and various aspects of civil liberties, while others examine the historicity of attorneys and their career. Some of these articles look at laws around the world and other pressing global issues.

Even if you are not a professional lawyer, picking up a lawyer newsletter will help to keep you apprised of domestic and foreign affairs, as well as giving you insight into the implications of the various courses of action that the courts could take. Lawyers benefit from maintaining a critical approach to the legality and implications of various decisions, and they are generally trustworthy with their research and findings. Lawyer newsletters often use currently contentious issues to increase their readership, offering various opinions and differing viewpoints. These newsletters have also begun to publish some of their articles online and venture into the social media sphere in order to reach an increasingly technological generation. Some of these online subscriptions that are now available offer interesting posts, such as debates between lawyers, judges, and law professors. Some may even offer job postings from local law firms or other companies focused on the legal profession.

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