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Personal Portable Devices and Personal Injury Settlements

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This great big beautiful world that we live in is full of so many people. It is also full of ever growing numbers of personal devices that people are becoming more and more dependent on. While that fact in itself is not necessarily something to regret, there are other factors that can sometimes make this a big problem.

There are of course, the arguments stating that the more people become addicted to the growing technology, the less we rely on our own brains to learn something new, and the less we connect with nature and with each other. But the far more pressing matter at the moment is brought to light when people choose to pay more attention to these personal devices than to what they should be paying attention to, such as driving.

How personal devices can lead to personal injury settlements

For those who pride themselves on being able to manipulate their cell phone or other mobile device when they are behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, the penalty could end up being quite a bit more than they give a second thought to. Not only is it a careless action to attempt to send a quick text when you are driving, it is downright dangerous. Even a quick glance at your phone takes your eyes off of the road for valuable seconds, during which anything could change on the road ahead, from another driver changing lanes to a person stepping into a crosswalk or an animal darting onto the highway. And if you are involved in a car accident that causes another person harm, you could find yourself dealing with a lawyer who specializes in personal injury settlements.

Finding the law firm that can help with personal injury settlements

Whether you are the person at fault in a car accident or you are the victim of another driver’s negligence, or even if there does not seem to be anyone at fault, you will want the right car accident lawyer who is well versed in dealing with personal injury settlements. There are many different types of lawyers, and you will want to find the one who will be able to best represent you and reach a desirable outcome in the car accident settlement. The good news is that about 95% to 96% of personal injury cases never make it to trial as they are settled out of court. And if your case is in that 4% to 5% that do go to trial, you will want to make sure that your attorney has the experience and qualifications to handle your case at that level.

The unfortunate frequency of auto-related personal injury cases

It is hardly a surprise to anyone, sadly, that there is such a high number of car accidents each and every day. With all of the vehicles on the roads, and all of the outside factors that come into play, collisions are almost to be expected. But at this point there are so many that could easily be avoided by taking away unnecessary distractions.

A driver that takes part in a visual-manual subtask such as texting, dialing, or even simply reaching for a phone or other portable device increases the risk of being involved in a crash by three times. Over the course of just one year, there were 3,154 individuals who did not survive car accidents that were in some way caused by distracted drivers, and about another 424,000 were injured. And at any given moment during daylight hours across the United States, approximately 660,000 people are driving while using a phone or other electronic device. So many accidents could be avoided if people simply put down their devices while behind the wheel.

The advancements we have made in technology are astounding. But the invention of the automobile and the invention of mobile devices have yet to be made completely compatible in a way that is safe for everyone on the road. Be responsible and keep your eyes on the road, for the sake of everyone on it.

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