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Postnuptial Agreement Explained

There are many reasons why you might need an attorney. Sometimes these are big, dramatic life events. But sometimes you just need someone with legal experience to advise you on an important matter. Attorney and law can be intimidating, so when you need a lawyer you might not be sure where to begin. An attorney quick search online can give you some ideas of who is available in your area, but it is important that you look deeper before calling anybody. For an attorney or lawyer difference in specialty can mean they are very helpful in one way and not so much in another. So look into their specialty and see if it lines up with what you need.

Once you find someone, call them to ask about your situation. Attorney hours are billed, but most will give you a free consult to make sure that you’re a fit. Ask them about their experience in situations like yours and what kinds of results they’ve gotten. If you can talk to a few lawyers, you can compare their answers and decide which would work best for you.

From tv shows to real life, everyone has heard of a couple getting a prenuptial agreement. But have you ever heard of a postnuptial agreement? In simple terms, it is a legal agreement between a married couple. The video above provides a detailed outline of how useful they can be to couples facing a divorce as shown in the video’s scenario of a couple divorcing because of infidelity.

Postnuptial agreements are used to speed up the divorce process or define terms that differ from legal norms. These agreements can take the leg work out of divorcing by outlining the division of a couple’s assets beforehand.

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Depending on your state’s rules, assets can either be divided two ways: either the court can determine how they are divided, or they are divided equally among both parties. And they can cover a variety of financial topics as discussed in the video.

Another plus is that you do not need a lawyer to prepare one except if parties are hostile or various assets or liabilities are involved in the divorce. If you do create your own postnuptial agreement, remember to factor in any future complications. The video also provides additional resources.

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