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Questions You Should Ask Your Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you planning on filing for bankruptcy? If so, you will want to watch this video before you officially hire a bankruptcy attorney. This video goes over the top four questions you should ask the bankruptcy attorneys to ensure you are hiring the best one for your case.

First things first, you will want to find out if they specialize in bankruptcy. It’s a good idea to ask them how many cases they’ve filed.

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Bankruptcy is its own world and has its own rules. You want to make sure you pick someone who files often. Another thing you should ask is to explain what bankruptcy is. You want them to tell you the good and the bad associated with it. You want to hire someone who is able to explain in a way that you can understand. This will determine how you will communicate throughout your relationship. Additionally, you want to find out if they anticipate any problems with your case. If you want a good answer from the bankruptcy attorneys, you need to be transparent and tell them everything. Letting them know about your spending habits and any second job you may have are good examples.

These were just a few questions you should ask an attorney before you make the decision to hire them for your case. To learn about all four questions, watch the full video.


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