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Seperation and Anxiety How to See Your Child More Often Through Legal Means

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As one of over 7 billion individuals on the planet, we call know how hard it can be to try and get along with others, especially those we live with. The standard nuclear family model is an idyllic deception that hides the real reality of love and marriage in the United States as over half of all marriages ends in divorce. The commitment to want to spend your life loving another human being is a decision that shouldn’t be made rashly, nor should the decision to want to sign a divorce paper. Every relationship is as unique as the individuals involved in it; here are some statistics on love and heartache in the United States along with options to move forward.

Marriage and Divorce Statistics in America

As stated in the previous paragraph, half of all marriages are destined to fail with the average marriage lasting nine years before ending in a divorce; so frequent is divorce that in the United States there is one estimated divorce nearly every 36 seconds. Of all divorces, couples that rush to get married before the age of 20 have the highest divorce rate — these couples are nearly 1.5 times more likely to get divorced as those who get married between the ages of 20-24 years old and couples that get married after reaching 25 years old were even less likely to have a divorce. Divorce estimates cite 40% to 50% of all first marriages ending in a divorce with an increased 60% of second marriages ending in divorce. The average time that an individual waits between their first divorce and their second marriage is a mere three to four years.

Family Law Advice

The termination of a marriage is no easy task, especially because a majority of divorces are unilateral where one party wants the divorce against the wishes of the other party. Family law attorneys specialize in divorce cases by helping their client secure their possessions and get custody over their children. In more civilized divorce situations, some couples choose to share an attorney and negotiate a fair arrangement that both parties are happy with. Family law lawyers know how delicate of a situation this can be for clients, making them an ideal source for family law advice for those considering a divorce. Of course, the best family law advice is to always try and discuss the problems and test your commitment to one another. If you find yourself walking away from your partner during arguments, it may be a sign that you are uncommitted to the relationship. Therapy has helped thousands of couples who reach rough patches, but at the same time certain relationship may not have been meant to be.

Child Custody Legal Advice

Divorce always becomes a much grimmer arrangement once children become involved. In too many cases the courts will grant custody of the children to a single parent while the other parent will be forced to pay child support fees in order to have limited custody over their own children. Only those who have known the heartache of not being able to always be there to see their child go up know how devastating of a sentence this can be — in too many cases the court will have a negative bias against the father, often ruling that the children should remain with their mother if she is found capable. Since up to $37.9 billion in child support was owed during 2011, it is no wonder why many working parents paying child support seldom have enough money to adequately provide for themselves. Not every single parent may receive the child support as 62.3% of all the money owed in child support fees was received — this was a yearly average of just $3,770 to raise a child. No matter which side of the picture you find yourself on, consider contacting a family law attorney for suggestions and professional family law advice to determine the best way to adjust child support fees or renegotiate custody rights so that you can be there for your children.

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