Stay Safe by Avoiding these Driving Distractions

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Every driver wants to be as safe as possible on the road. There are many distractions drivers face while on the road. Knowing the most common driving distractions will help keep you safe. A car accident attorney works with victims of distracted drivers each year. Motorcyclists face an especially tough time facing other distracted drivers. Statistics show that there were nearly 8.4 million motorcycles out on roads in 2013. Motorcyclists are 26 times more likely than those in a passenger car to die in a crash. It’s important to avoid the upcoming driving distractions you are about to see. A car accident attorney is important to call if involved in a collision. In this post, you will learn about the most common driving distractions and how to avoid them.

  • Food and Beverages: The invention of fast food makes it easier than ever for someone to get a full meal. Many of these fast food locations have areas where you consume your meal before getting back on the road. Mixing food and driving is never a safe decision. Trying to eat involves concentration. Pulling yourself away from driving increases the likelihood of a crash occurring. Many people are able to safely have a beverage while driving. You will want to ensure you keep all drinks in their respective cup holders. According to data by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration alcohol is the cause of twice the amount of crashes during summer months.
  • Cell Phones: The cell phone was not always a huge distraction on the road. However, innovations to the cell phone have made able to do more things effectively. In recent years, the demand for smartphones has led to these inventions becoming a common driver distraction. One aspect of newer phones is to allow someone to send and receive text messages. Texting and driving are one of most dangerous combinations while behind the wheel of an automobile. Many states have passed laws that make using a cell phone while driving illegal. Consider using a hands free device to enable you in stay in touch while safely focusing on the road.
  • Other Passengers: Certain drivers transport a large number of passengers. Distracting passengers are a danger to any driver. It’s important you let passengers know that driving is your first priority. A conversation can be saved until you are no longer driving. A car accident attorney knows the importance of a quiet automobile. No passenger is going to be upset that you value their safety more than a few moments of conversation. An auto accident lawyer regularly is involved in cases where calmer passengers may have stopped a collision from happening.
  • Adjusting Radio/GPS System: A radio should be used safely in order to help make your drive more pleasant. However, a radio is not something you want to adjust too much. Taking your eyes off of the road for a second can lead to dire consequences. A GPS device is made to assist you with direction information. Having a GPS is meant to make your drive safer but not if you let it become a distraction.
  • It is imperative you enlist the help of a lawyer when involved in a car accident. A car accident lawyer is a valuable source of information to have during your case. A personal injury lawyer may be suited to handle issues pertaining to workplace matters. An auto accident attorney is likely to have handled many cases similar to yours.

    In closing, there are several main causes of distractions while on the road. Eating while on the road isn’t highly recommended. It’s best to eat at the establishment or pull over to a safe location to do so. Smartphones have become one of the most common causes of crashes related to driver distraction. It’s best to use items like radio and GPS devices before driving. Enter your preferred direction information before driving. Many distractions face drivers on the road every single day. You will want to hire a car accident attorney after being involved in a collision caused by a distracted driver.

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