The Importance Of The Personal Injury Case

From the car accident attorney to the slip and fall attorney, there are many causes of personal injury cases here in the United States. In fact, personal injury cases are so commonplace that only about four percent of them are ever actually seen in a courtroom setting and before a judge and jury. The rest, the remaining ninety six percent or so, are able to be settled outside of such spaces with the help of a car accident attorney and the like. If you have sustained such an injury, consulting with a car accident attorney could lead you to receiving quite a bit of settlement money, an amount that could help you to pay off any medical bills that you might have as well as help you to compensate for any time that you have needed to take off of work.

And the role of a car accident attorney is a much needed one, as car and other such motor vehicle accidents make up more than fifty percent of all personal injury cases that are filed here in the United States, followed distantly by cases involving medical malpractice and product liability (which only makes up a mere five percent of all personal injury cases). In part, this is because car and other such motor vehicle accidents are so common here in the United States, with more than six million occurring in the span of time of just one single year. In those accidents, more than three million people will sustain injuries, some minor while some are much more serious, and more than thirty thousand people will even lose their lives. There are many causes behind the motor vehicle accident, and those with preventable causes often turn into personal injury cases, for which the advisement of a car accident attorney should always be sought.

Drunk driving or driving under the influence of some other drug is one of the number one causes of preventable car accidents here in the United States. Unfortunately, this is because it is much more prevalent of an issue that many of us realize. In fact, there are as many as three hundred thousand – or more – drunk or otherwise intoxicated people taking to road each and every day here in this country alone. And of these drunk drivers, less than five thousand of them will actually be pulled over and charged with a DUI. It’s sad to say, but the typical drunk driver will drive drunk a total of eighty times before ever being stopped for the very first time. Of course, this opens the door to more car crashes than ever before happening because of driving under the influence. Data backs this up, showing that more than fifteen percent of all car accidents are caused by people driving under the influence of a drug other than alcohol – which causes an even higher percentage of such motor vehicle accidents.

Hiring a car accident attorney is also advisable if you have been the victim of a car accident caused by distracted driving. As any car accident attorney will know, distracted driving is a problem that’s growing here in the United States, particularly as technology continues to advance. Though distracted driving can be caused by just about anything, it is most commonly due to the fact that people are looking down at their phones. There’s no need to say that distracted driving is incredibly dangerous, and has the potential to lead to many more injuries and even deaths than it already has.

But hiring an accident attorney is not just recommended for victims of car accidents. Those who have sustained injuries from a slip and fall or other such injury in the workplace are also likely to benefit from the hiring of an accident attorney. Workplace injuries will often be compensated but if they are not, the victim is likely to be able to receive a settlement in a personal injury case. And slip and fall injuries in the typical workplace are all too common, with as many as two million occurring each and every year here in the United States alone.

A slip and fall lawyer can help you to get the money you deserve, as can a car crash attorney.

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