The Positive and Negative Affects of the Law on Citizens

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The law is a complicated mistress. There are so many facets and loopholes and rules and regulations that have to be considered and understood when you are dealing with it. This is one of the main reason why having a lawyer is so important whether it be a patent lawyer or trademark attorney, a workers compensation or person injury lawyer or even a DUI attorney. There are laws for everything. The good news is that while we may not understand intellectual property law our patent lawyer does. Or we might be at a loss because it’s our second offense for committing a crime, but that’s what criminal or defense attorneys are for. In America, everyone gets a chance, that’s what makes it so great and that’s what makes justice work.

Why Laws are Important
The law is so crucial to our lives because it provides a standard by which citizens can live by; a sort of code of conduct. It is a guideline that shows what is acceptable behavior and what is not. The law ensures that each community and social group receives equality from protection to punishment. Realistically, laws are so important because it ensures the survival of our society. If there were no laws then society as we know it would be in upheaval. The lack of civil order would destroy us. Patent lawyers would not exist, so no one would have rights or claims to their own ideas or inventions. Prosecution lawyers would not be able to hold people liable for the crimes on humanity so homicide rates and abuse would sky rocket. Human rights as a whole would be completely disregarded which would cause a break down in human relationship, isolating everything from one another.

Why People Break the Law
Now, if laws are so important, you might be wondering, as a law abiding citizen, why some people still choose to break the law. There are several reasons for this. Many times, people break the law because they enjoy the risk of getting caught. Others do it simply because they don’t know anything else and this is how they’ve always lived because of how they were raised or who they hang out with. Others still simply have no self control and don’t have the support or the help to make them stop. If someone has committed many crimes and has not yet been caught it can give them a sense of invincibility and they want to push that to the limit. Suffering abuse or some sort of trauma, being lonely or isolated, getting involved with drugs or alcohol or being in debt can all be enough to make a person desperate enough to commit a crime to do what they feel is taking care of themselves.

Why Criminals Don’t Consider the Law
Often times, people don’t think of patent stealing or fraud as breaking the law. These kinds of white collar crimes are thought to be above homicide and other crimes like these. Criminals don’t feel like white collar crimes are dangerous because they aren’t physically harming anyone. However, patent lawyers will tell you, having an idea stolen that could have changed a person’s life can be even more devastating than causing physical harm to them. Or maybe a piece of Art was stolen that served as the last piece of evidence of how a life was touched by the artist. Criminals, whether blue or white collar, don’t think about the law, mainly because they think it doesn’t pertain to them or their situation. They usually think that they are the exception and have a reason for committing their crime.

There is a big struggle in America regarding imposing more laws over certain areas and whether or not it will help. On one hand, only the law abiding citizens will follow the laws anyway. This mean that more restrictions will be placed on them while criminals continue to do what they want. However, on the other hand, the more laws that are in place, the higher the consequences will be once the criminal is caught. It’s a difficult situation and the law is a complicated matter that is best left to the professionals and qualified people.

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