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Things Your Portland Divorce Lawyers Need To Know

Portland divorce lawyers

A divorce attorney Portland is sometimes referred to as a family law attorney portland. Regardless of what you refer to them as, whenever you find yourself in need of the service that Portland divorce lawyers have to offer you’ll find yourself being asked some very specific questions that will help to shape the course of your divorce proceeding and determine whether or not you’ll need to pay spousal support Portland. Some of the questions that Portland divorce lawyers will ask will include:
1. Why are you and your spouse getting divorced?
2. How long have you and your spouse been together?
3. How long have you been separated?
4. Has there been any domestic violence?
5. What’s your financial history like?
6. What is your income like?
7. Do you have any investments?
8. Do you have any debts?
9. Are all your taxes up to date?
10. What property do you own together with your spouse? And of this property, what property would you like to retain?
11. Do you have any children?
12. If you have children, Portland divorce lawyers will ask what you prefer in way of child custody and visitation?
13. Are you seeking alimony?

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