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Tips to Survive a Complicated Divorce

A complicated divorce can weigh heavily on the minds of all parties involved, and it is by no means an easy task to overcome it. There are very specific support materials out there for surviving these challenges in life, and it’s important to use them all to your advantage.

The speaker in his TED Talk discusses how he managed to survive his divorce, and offers advice on how you can follow his steps to moving on.

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He discusses having a moment where you may say “What now?” This period may consist of uncertainty of the future, the present, or anything at all. He recommends three things to do if you’re in this stage: get enough sleep, cultivate self compassion, and redefine who you are.

Getting enough sleep is easily enough characterized as a basic human necessity, but one often overlooked by stressed out people. He recommends making an extra effort to get quality sleep.

Self compassion is very important to not go crazy at this time. You must love yourself before you are capable of moving on or transitioning out of this state.

Finally, you can take a step back and redefine who you are. This means that you may feel you have a hole taken out of your heart by this complicated divorce, but by loving yourself, you can live with this, and learn to heal in your own time.

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