Top 3 Reasons to Contact a Real Estate Attorney

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Are you having disputes over property lines? Are you buying a foreclosed home? Are you in trouble of your home being foreclosed? Real estate is always a hot topic. It can be a great investment or a big headache. A real estate law firm can help you make heads or tails of your situation. Real estate lawyers specialize in property disputes, foreclosure, and lease agreements. Here are the top reasons to consult a real estate law firm.

1. Are you selling your house? According to the National Association of Realtors, 77% of homebuyers hire a home inspector for an inspection before closing on a home. What will the inspector find in your home? Have animals been in the attic chewing on the wiring? Is the insulation getting too thin and worn down? How about that leak that you never noticed but now mold has grown inside the walls? If you are considering selling your home, a good real estate attorney will recommend that you get your own home inspection before selling it. That way you can get ahead of problems before they take an even bigger chunk out of your wallet.

2. Are you getting evicted? If a court setting is needed in an eviction case, the judge usually hears and decides the case in 20 days. Once the request to settle in court is filed, the case could be settled inside a month. The eviction process is a quick one. A good real estate law firm can help guide you through the process and defend your rights to the judge. Real estate lawyers can review lease agreements and make sure your case is as strong as it can be.

3. Are you getting foreclosed? It is estimated that 1 out of every 200 homes will be foreclosed upon. But the foreclosure process is tricky and must be precise. Strict regulations about proper notices and chances to pay exist and vary from state to state. A real estate law firm can make sure all the proper notifications and opportunities have been followed.

Real estate law firms specialize in all things concerning real estate. Property disputes, lease agreements, building code violation, zoning restrictions, and foreclosure processes. A real estate law firm can navigate the muddy waters of real estate and make it become the investment you always wanted it to be, rather than the headache it can sometimes become. Contact a real estate attorney in your area today.

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