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The term lawyer seems like a pretty straight-forward word. They’re the people you hire to represent you in count when filing a suit against another person. However, there are a few, key differences between the different types of attorneys. And knowing them will help you decide what type of lawyer you may need someday.

  • DWI Lawyer:A DWI or DUI lawyer fits into a niche of wider criminal defense lawyers. Over 1.4 million people are arrested each year for a first DWI offence. DWI lawyers are typically hired to help represent or perhaps conduct their own investigation if a DWI charge is brought against their client. Some, but not all, are also called public defenders.
  • Personal Injury Lawyer: The responsibilities of a personal injury lawyer are to represent clients who claim to have been injured, either physically or mentally, by another party. A personal injury lawyer researches as much as they can, surrounding the proposed injury done to their client, hoping to reach a settlement or, if not, take the case to court. Personal injury lawyers are sometimes called plantiff lawyers
  • Family Lawyer:As it’s name implies, a family lawyer is responsible for all of the legal matters kept within a family. Typically this means divorce, prenuptial agreements and custody agreements over children are handled by a family lawyer.
  • Criminal Attorney:Criminal attorneys are lawyers who work to defend people against minor crimes and offenses. Like DWI, as mentioned above, they can also include drug trafficking, assault and battery and perhaps even murder. They’re responsibly for keeping their client out of jail by keeping in mind certain thing, such as the number one cause for wrongful conviction is witness misidentification.
  • Parole Lawyer: A parole lawyer is a lawyer who is responsible for representing a client after conviction, in matters such as parole and probation. Some criminal attorney’s represent their clients both before and after conviction, however some lawyers are strictly involved in matters after the conviction. They are highly valued, as an estimated 4,781,300 adults in 2012 alone were under some form of probation.
  • Civil Rights Attorney A civil rights attorney is called in whenever someone’s civil liberties are threatened or broken. They specialize in dealing with discrimination, police brutality and other violations against basic human rights.

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