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Was That Accident Really My Fault? Understand the Law and Your Rights as a Driver

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What is your plan in the event of a work or auto related disaster? How will you proceed with a civil or punitive damage lawsuit when the time is right? You don?t have to have all the answers. But you can add someone to your team who does. A top tier auto accident attorney can walk you through every step necessary to get your life back- recover lost wages, pay for medical bills sustained from injury, and receive legal compensation for pain and suffering.The right personal injury law firm will make sure you know your rights. In the event of any accident involving another driver or your occupation, here are some of the main rights and privileges you should be aware of:

That Traffic Mistake Might Not Be Your Fault

Just because you hit the car in front of you doesn?t mean you?re liable for the damage. If it?s found that the car in front of you was speeding or changed lanes illegally, then motor vehicle statutes have to be taken into consideration. Negligence, recklessness, and intentional misconduct are just some examples of terms that explain ?fault? in both automobile and motorcycle accidents. Strict liability, a term that may be applied regardless of fault, can refer to accidents that involve the transport of chemicals or hazardous materials. In all instances, drivers can be found fully or partially responsible for accidents and will need an auto accident attorney to help them understand how state laws apply in their case.

Pedestrians and Drivers Have Rights

Hitting a pedestrian is a scary thing for the both the driver and the person walking across traffic. In every instance, you first want to call 911 and check the safety of the person you?ve hit. Then exchange your names, phone numbers, and insurance providers. Next, say no more. A personal injury lawsuit is all but imminent if you say things that could be misconstrued as an admittance of fault. It?s also best to allow your lawyer to communicate on your behalf. Speaking directly to the other party, their lawyer, or their auto insurance company can also result in a miscommunication that could leave you open to potential liability. Pedestrians are vulnerable, but can also be found partially liable for an accident they are involved in due to negligence, recklessness, or intentional misconduct.

No Insurance and No Fault- You Have Rights Too

Many people who don?t have liability insurance may not be able to afford it. If the insured driver ran a red light, or a stop sign, or hit you from behind after tailgating you for many miles, then their insurance companies may be responsible for your damages. Be sure to call the police, write a statement explaining the circumstances of the accident, and make sure you have an auto accident attorney in your corner who can explain your rights to you.

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