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What are Bail Bonds?

When someone is arrested and charged with crimes that are serious, they have to wait in jail until they have a bond hearing with a judge. During this hearing, the judge will decide on a bail amount. This is the amount that has to be paid in order to get out of jail. If you can’t afford to pay the bail, you will need a 24/7 bail bonds company to help pay it.

The bail bonds company will meet you at the jail to post the bail, or they may come to your home about the bail. If you are far away from the jail, the process can be done over the phone or electronically.

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The bail bonds person will charge you between 10 and 15% of the bail. Then, they will place the bail in the hands of the jail so that the person can be let out. They will then have to follow the rules set by the judge.

The person who was released has to show up for all of their court dates. If they don’t make those dates, then the bail company is out of the bail money. They will then track down the person and take them to jail.


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