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What Different Types of Lawyers Do

Whether you’re considering a career change or you are simply fascinated by the legal field, you may wonder what different kinds of lawyers do. The video “Types of Lawyers and What They Do” demystifies this part of the work of legal recruitment companies by sharing that there are several areas of legal practice in which attorneys can specialize.

Litigation is one common practice area of law that speaks to many other specialties.

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Some litigation attorneys have a clear focus, such as family law practitioners and criminal attorneys. In reality, real estate lawyers focus on all of the areas of law related to this field. Some attorneys work under a single company to provide counsel to them. They are known as “in-house attorneys.”

For those undergoing estate planning, estate lawyers are especially useful to assist in navigating this process. On the flip side, estate administrators help loved ones and other representatives administer the estate after one’s passing. Personal injury attorneys are one of the most common attorneys that folks see on television or in other advertising areas. Ultimately, recruitment companies consider an attorney’s background and specialties to match the right lawyer with the right organization.

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