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What its Really Like to Be a Family Lawyer

Marshall Waller is a family law attorney and has been in the business of family lawyers for years. He gets to help families in need, and his main focus is to help families get along after a divorce or during a custody battle. He helps parents to see eye to eye for the benefit of the children involved.

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Marshall Waller’s main focus is to help people resolve conflict and help families out of abusive situations, especially children involved in an abusive household. He helps them find a safe haven and allows them to live a life without being in danger.

Not knowing everything can be challenging for a family law attorney, especially if your clients expect you to have the answer to everything. The sooner you realize it’s ok not to have the right answer to every question and that there is an extensive system to fall back on and ask for help, the quicker you will learn to make peace with the fact that you don’t have an answer to everything.

As a family law attorney, you will have days and hours spent in court and other days in the office, seeing clients, answering emails, and preparing for trials. So if you have a passion for helping people, this might be the right career path for you.


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