What To Do When You Are Injured On the Job

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Did you know that, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, plaintiffs win 60% of personal injury lawsuits (specifically related to auto accidents), and IBIS World reveals that there are approximately 150,322 American personal injury lawyers? Personal injuries can devastate personal finances, and leave Americans unable to work. What constitutes a personal injury, and what are some of the first steps to take should personal injuries occur?

What Constitutes a Personal Injury?

Personal injury is actually a relatively broad term, and can encompass a number of different accidents. Any injury sustained during an auto accident (especially when the other party is at fault), for example, typically entails a personal injury. Work-related or on-the-job injures also constitute a personal injury. Among the most common work-related personal injuries are slips, trips, and falls, with over 25,000 occurring each and every day, according to the National Safety Council. Another popular culprit is lower back strain from improper lifting.

What To Do When You Are Injured

Protecting rights and, when applicable, getting due compensation depends on filing timely accident injury claims. What steps can employees take to avoid wrongful dismissal following an injury? What should you do after a car accident?

  • Report injuries ASAP. The first, and most crucial step, is reporting and filing injuries as soon as possible. A timely report is extremely important. Any physical signs of injury, moreover, even bruises and scraps, should be carefully documented.
  • Keep a paper trail. Employee laws protect you in the event of on-the-job injuries– if you have proper documentation. Ask for a copy of any injury or accident reports. Keep any medical bills or health-related receipts. This can actually prove difficult in today’s increasingly digital world. If a paper copy is not immediately available, ask for an e-mail copy. Print it out ASAP, and stow it in the same place as your paper records.
  • Consult a lawyer. Work-related injuries, in particular, can get messy. Ask a work injury attorney for legal consultation or clarification if necessary.

Personal injuries, whether work- or auto accident-related, can alter the course of your life. Protect your rights and get due compensation by reporting injuries right away, keeping thorough records, and enlisting the help of a work injury attorney. More like this: St. louis personal injury lawyer

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