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When and How to Hire a Good DUI Attorney

A good DUI attorney can help you get a good outcome from the case and avoid leaving a permanent negative mark on your records. That’s why you need to look for the best one to walk with you through the entire process. Search for a good one online, starting with the basic role that one should play with a search for something like “what does a DUI lawyer do?”

This may make it possible for you to know the qualities you need to look for when looking for a good professional. Find out if you can get free legal aid for DUI and weigh the pros and cons of doing so. When you find one, you need to get a DUI lawyer consultation so that you can get on the same page as your lawyer.

Remember that going to court for DUI without a lawyer may not be the best thing for you to do. That said, ask friends and other people you know who may have had a DUI case about the professionals who helped them out. If they give you positive reviews of them and tell you that they got a fair or even amazing outcome, then this is the professional for you.

Many Americans today own driver’s licenses, and they operate many millions of cars, trucks, and motorcycles across the United States and its expansive road system. The problem is, not all of these drivers are responsible, and many of them are drunk or distracted, turning them into a serious hazard on the road. Drunk or distracted drivers cause many of the car accidents that take place across the United States today, and these collisions may result in many injuries, deaths, and property damage every year. In fact, a drunk driver does not even need to hit another person or car to be charged with a crime; criminal charges will be made if someone is pulled over and arrested just for driving drunk, collision or not. In this case, someone facing a DUI charge will want legal defense, and this means reaching out to a DUI law firm in one’s area to hire a DUI attorney to represent them before their court case. What can a DUI attorney do for his or her client, and what may the outcome be if a DUI attorney is involved? Nothing is guaranteed, but a client needing a criminal defense may get a much more desirable outcome with a DUI attorney by their side than not. How often do Americans drive drunk, and what can be done about this?

Americans and Impaired Driving

The unfortunate truth is that many American drivers are operating motor vehicles while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs (DUI or DWI), and even if such a driver does not hit other cars, property, or pedestrians, the mere act of driving drunk is a serious crime and will lead to arrest and criminal charges if caught by the authorities. Often, a drunk driver gives themselves away with sloppy and erratic movements of their car on the road, and this may alert local police or state troopers of an impaired driver. By law, a person is driving drunk if their blood alcohol content, their BAC, is 0.08% or higher, although even a lower BAC may result in impaired driving and the dangers involved. Some drivers incorrectly believe that driving “buzzed” is an acceptable alternative, driving buzzed may also often lead to car crash4es and other issues.

How often does all this happen, and what are the consequences? Every day, nearly 300,000 drunk driving cases occur across the United States, but only about 4,000 such drivers will actually be arrested per day, and estimates show that a drunk driver has driven at least 80 times before their arrest. In grand total, about six million car crashes take place across the United States per year, and nearly three million people will be injured or killed in these incidents. Drunk or distracted drivers may account for a fairly large portion of these incidents, given how they are impaired and cannot navigate the roads correctly. Distracted drivers are also an issue, and they are drivers who are preoccupied by a smart phone or the car’s dashboard features while operating a car or truck. Such drivers cannot see developments on the road and may perform dangerous acts such as running red lights or hitting other cars, pedestrians, or property. For this reason, using a mobile phone or other electronic device is illegal in most areas.

Finding Legal Aid

A DUI attorney can go a long way to boosting the defense of someone who faces criminal charges for driving while impaired, whether or not an accident occurred. In general (but nothing is guaranteed), a first-time offender may face lighter punishments than a repeat offender, and the punishment may be lighter if no property or people were hit or harmed as a result of drunk driving, and someone facing a DUI charge may keep that in mind. All the same, someone facing DUI charges is well advised to look up local criminal defense law firms, especially those that specialize in drunk driving cases, and get consultations from the attorneys who work there (this may or may not incur a fee). A client may find a lawyer and choose them based on the attorney’s skills with the law, experience, success rate, and personality, and once hired, the client and the attorney they chose may work together.

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