When to Hire a Divorce Attorney

Marriage is one of the oldest and most universal institutions in the entire world, and for much of history, it was based on legally binding a man and woman into a single household so that they could start a family. This is still largely true today, although many parts of the world also recognize and allow same-sex marriages, where same-sex couples are often known for adopting children into their household. However, marriages may sometimes come to an end, and for a variety of reasons, a spouse may file divorce papers and hire divorce attorneys to help them. Divorce processes can be quick or long and complex, based on the particular marriage and the assets to consider. Custody lawyers may be hired along with divorce attorneys if there are under-18 children in the divorcing household, and this may be a hotly contested matter in some divorces. In other cases, though, divorce attorneys may not even be needed, and the couple may instead hire divorce mediators to help them stay productive during their divorce. What is there to know about the work of a divorce attorney or divorce lawyers today?

Why Divorce Happens

One may first consider why divorces are taking place at all. Every person and every marriage is different, but there are some general trends as to why American adults are getting divorced and hiring divorce attorneys. Sometimes, it’s a matter of sheer incompatibility, such as major differences in lifestyle, personality, spending habits, and more. In short, the two spouses can’t mesh their lives property and make a smoothly-running household, and both may be dissatisfied with the marriage. It may be noted that couples who date for about three years before getting engaged are statistically less likely to divorce than those who got engaged before one year of dating. That dating period offers more time to test for compatibility.

More serious reasons may drive a divorce, too. The single most common reason for divorce today is infidelity, when one partner is unfaithful to the other. Both men and women “cheat,” as it’s often phrased, but not always for the same reasons. Other common reasons for divorce include drug or alcohol abuse on one partner’s part, and that partner may be a financial drain on the household or result in verbal or physical abuse on others. Serious problems with communication and constant arguing and fighting may lead to a divorce as well, when the spouses simply can’t get along. Many say that fighting is healthy and important for a relationship, but that’s only true to a degree. A total breakdown of communication and lack of mutual support and compromise may end a marriage. How can this be settled legally and fairly?

Hiring a Divorce Attorney

When a spouse determines that they want to get a divorce (often women), they will look for local divorce law firms and consult the lawyers there (this may or may not incur a fee). Once the spouse find a lawyer whose expertise and success rate are to their liking, they will file divorce papers and begin the procedure. This lawyer will legally back up their client’s case and pursue their interests during the divorce, and often act as a proxy. Some spouses may feel unsafe in their household, and relocate to a private residence (and possibly bring their kids with them) during a divorce. The other spouse may hire a divorce attorney of their own to defend their own interests, and the clients may act through their respective lawyers.

Such lawyers will use the law to not only help a court end a marriage legally, but also help their clients get what they want out of the divorce. This may vary widely, based on bank accounts, homes and vacation houses, vehicles, and even private businesses and other assets that will, put simply, be fought over. Without a lawyer, a spouse in such a situation may have difficulty getting what they want, especially where child custody is concerned. Children are less likely to end up with the divorced parent who is drinking or abusing drugs, or who does not have a reliable income. But in milder and simpler divorces, a mediator will be hired to help both spouses communicate and brainstorm productively and clearly to settle matters.

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