Attorney Newsletter Homepage Why are Email Newsletters a Must for Attorneys? Three Tips for Online Marketing

Why are Email Newsletters a Must for Attorneys? Three Tips for Online Marketing

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Did you know that about 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine? If you are looking for ways to better market your legal firm online, you need to consider how the average consumer looks for, and finds, information, as well as what type of content they respond positively to. Essentially, attorney online marketing has to focus on being informative, professional, interesting, and not too pushy. Interested in learning more? Read on for three great tips.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that 80% of people using search engines rarely or never click on ads? Organic links are king here, and it’s important to make sure that your company’s website is one of the first that pops up when people are searching for legal assistance. Your best bet in this instance is to invest in an outsourcing company that specializes in attorney SEO marketing. To start with, though, add a blog to your website and update it several times a week. It helps with search rank through pages for indexing, and almost 60% of blogging companies have acquiring clients through blogging.

2. Newsletter Email Marketing

If you’re not emailing your newsletters to clients and interested individuals, you are probably spending close to a dollar for every unit. This adds up quickly; if you’re a firm with even a 1,000 person strong mailing list, you’re already out upwards of $500 for a single newsletter! Newsletter email marketing is the right road for 2013. Not only is it much more affordable and environmentally friendly, but with email software you can actually tell how many people are opening your email, who is clicking on links you attached to the email, etc., which will help you create more effective marketing material.

3. What to Put in a Newsletter or Blog

When you’re in the legal profession, it’s easy to get caught up in showcasing your understanding of complicated terminology and law. The truth is, though, that most people want an explanation as broken down as possible into the simplest terms. In a blog or legal newsletter, you want to answer common questions in a reassuring and educated way. Be honest, and break everything down into easily digestible bulleted lists. For more timely newsletters and posts, consider giving your professional opinion on headline cases. In other words? You want to showcase your expertise and good communication abilities.

What attorney website marketing strategies do you use?

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