Why Do You Need Bail? 3 Important Answers

If someone has been arrested, you may wonder what will come next. After the arrest, the person will stay in a waiting area until a bail hearing is held. This allows for bail arguments to be made both for and against you getting bail granted. The amount of the bail often correlates with the amount of money you make and what the crime was. After you have your bail amount, you may wonder- how will I pay my bond? To do this, you need to find bondsmen who can put down the majority of the money for you. You pay them only a small percentage of your total bail amount.

Bail and jail can get complicated, and there are sometimes conditions for your bail. Getting arrested while out on bail is one of the worst things that a person who has been bailed out can do. It shows the court that the person is not trustworthy, and bond is generally revoked. It’s important to behave as requested inside the jail, as this can factor into both your bail amount and how you are treated in jail. No one wants to go to jail, and with bail, they may not have to spend much time there.

Securing your freedom is vital when involved in a legal case. The good news is that bail bondsman comes to your aid by helping you buy your freedom, so to speak. It has become easy to access information on the best bail company near you in the internet age. Several platforms help you find out about different bail bondsman services.

On these various platforms, you can also get information on the rating of the company involved. Seek a bail bond agent with excellent communication skills. It is vital to ensure that the bail company you work with has financial backing. Ensure you are dealing with a legit bail bond agent to confirm that the individual has the proper documentation. The best bail bondsman has the experience and understands the bail process and laws. Make as many inquiries as possible before engaging in a bail process.

Ask questions like how long after bond is posted are you released and how to find out if someone has bail. Understanding the bail process is vital. Do you know how to find out who bailed someone out of jail? Learn how to find out who paid someone’s bond by learning the bail system from the internet. It is easy to acquire information regarding bail by calling the county jail.

Bail bond agency

Have you been arrested? Has someone you know been arrested? Well, you/they are not alone. One in three people will be arrested by their 23rd birthday. In just one year, nearly 12 million people were processed through American jails. On a given day, 60% of the people in jail are people who are waiting for a resolution of their charge (people who have not been convicted).

Did you know that if you so happen to get put in jail, you don’t have to stay there if you haven’t been convicted of the crime the police charged you with? You can have a bail bondsman post a bond (pay your bail) for a non-refundable fee of just 10% of your bail. In other words, let’s discuss an example. You are arrested, and the judge assigns you a bail of $500. You use your phone call to reach out to a bail bond agency. The bail agent takes care of your bail and you only have to pay him $50. What’s not to like? For the skeptics out there:

Three Important Answers to the Question: Why Do You Need Bail?

  • Why do you need bail? Less time in jail. This may seem like a no-brainer, but let’s think about this together. Once bail is paid, you are free to leave the jail. This means you can go home and rest, or go to work, or sleep off whatever caused you to make an illegal or suspicious mistake, or have someone pick you up and hang out with you to help calm you down. Less time in jail means more freedom. More freedom to fight back, possibly get a lawyer, or show trustworthiness to the court by not immediately heading for the hills (or Mexico or Canada).
  • Why do you need bail? For your health. You may take medication. Or perhaps you are claustrophobic. Or you have anxiety. Whatever the reason perhaps you physically or mentally cannot handle being in jail and you should/need to leave as soon as possible. Getting your bail paid for a relatively small fee could be the difference between life and death.
  • Why do you need bail? Why not? This may seem like a silly answer, but bail is the judge communicating to you how dangerous they think you are. If you have been mistakenly or wrongly arrested or have been arrested for a misdemeanor, you can usually pay the full bail yourself or at the very least afford the bail bond service fee. If you can afford to pay the bail or the bail bond company fee, you should. It is in your best interest, especially if you are a law-abiding or nonviolent person. It is just not safe to stay in jail if you don’t have to.

Whether you are in this situation, someone close to you is, or you just want to be prepared, these tips are extremely important to remember. Not being in jail is always better than being in jail. Getting arrested is not the end.

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