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Will a DUI Impact Your Nursing License?

Most people enjoy an alcoholic beverage after a long day on the job to unwind. However, sometimes, one glass may lead to more and may result in a DUI. The YouTube video explores how a DUI can affect your nursing career and when to seek assistance from a nurse license defense attorney.

How a DUI Affects Your Nursing License

A DUI can lead to your nursing license being suspended or revoked. Various factors determine the outcome of a DUI.

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For example, it depends on the state where the nurse works and where the nurse got the DUI. Each state has its own rules and regulations.

The nursing regulatory board may initiate disciplinary actions against a nurse with a DUI conviction. The disciplinary action may include probation, fines, mandatory substance abuse treatment, and additional education requirements. Furthermore, a DUI conviction may have employment implications.

Getting a job or maintaining it after a DUI may be challenging. It’s particularly true for settings that require background checks or have strict policies regarding convictions. Finally, a DUI may raise concerns about the nurse’s judgment, reliability, or commitment to patient safety.

Nurses must understand the implications of a DUI. Additionally, nurses facing a conviction may need to seek professional help from a nurse license defense attorney. Finally, seek assistance for any underlying substance abuse issues.


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