Attorney Newsletter Philadelphia tax attorney,Tax lawyer philadelphia Without A Tax Attorney, Philadelphia Residents May Face IRS Woes

Without A Tax Attorney, Philadelphia Residents May Face IRS Woes

Tax lawyer philadelphia

The IRS sends out roughly 8 billion pages or more in forms and instructions every year, all to people who may or may not understand when they may be held liable or how they could fall into IRS debt. It is important for the average citizen to be able to understand the tax code, possible tax penalties, and when and how they can avoid running afoul of the IRS. The system still needs to be refined a great deal, which is why working with a tax attorney Philadelphia residents speak with may be the best way to get started on problems before they get worse. Federal tax rates can vary from 10 percent to 39.6 percent of taxable income, but there are other taxes you may need to consider as well that a Philadelphia tax lawyer can help you to review.

With a tax attorney philadelphia residents will be able to organize their financial records and get the type of organization needed to face an audit, or appeal any decision that the IRS has made regarding their financial situation. A Philadelphia tax attorney can also provide information on different rules and regulations regarding employment law and taxation, such as the criminal offense of firing an employee to avoid handling a levee, a crime punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and imprisonment of one year. A tax attorney Philadelphia residents work with can also explain the different methods through which an individual can negotiate with the IRS whenever back taxes are owed to avoid garnishment, levies, and more. A tax lawyer philadelphia residents choose is important, because the power of the IRS to impose levies for federal tax debts goes back to 1791. It is an old institution and power that government agencies have, but it is also one that can be dealt with legally.

As a tax attorney Philadelphia residents work with can explain, a tax levy is an administrative action by which the IRS can seize property to satisfy a tax liability without go to a court. You need to know your rights if you are facing a potential levy, and you need to find solutions wherever and whenever possible. With a tax attorney Philadelphia residents may be able to get a more complete understanding of where they current legal position is, and where they may be able to do the most good toward fighting levies, garnishment, and more.
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