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Workers’ Compensation, Disability And Divorce Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Contact An Attorney

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Hiring a lawyer is often the last thing on most people’s minds. The legal system is murky and complex at the best of times and, more often than not, people just want the simplest way out. When faced with the end of a marriage or the possibility of bankruptcy? It’s anything but simple. A lawyer is your buffer against the complexity of court hearings and paperwork, providing you a steady hand as you inch closer to a conclusion that will help you move forward.


With marriage on the decline and divorce on the rise, your local divorce lawyer will have more than enough to offer your unique case. It’s estimated a divorce happens every 36 seconds in the United States alone and, as we know it, over two million children will see their parents divorce each year. A local divorce lawyer is a useful resource for determining the impact of divorce on your own family. This can involve a conversation about child custody meetings or asset relocation. Fears about domestic violence, in particular, needs to be taken seriously and brought up as soon as possible.


The reality of bankruptcy is one many can’t afford to ignore. American bankruptcy court statistics have reported over one million people filing for bankruptcy in an average year. Around 90% of the bankruptcies in 2014 were for personal affairs, with a mere 3% related to small and large businesses. Some of the most common reasons related to bankruptcy involve medical debt, failed business start-ups and job loss. Student loans, in particular account for 1% of all bankruptcies, translating to nearly 15,000 every year.


Applying for disability can involve the aid of disability attorneys. Over five million people were offered Social Security benefits back in 2014. It’s estimated over 60% of aged beneficiaries will receive at least half of their income from this program. A Pew Research Center survey also revealed a sizable Millennial population expressing concern about their ability to receive benefits. While some who contact a disability attorney want to review their program, others aren’t sure if they qualify and simply need legal advice. The definition of disability is being expanded to include mental health and trauma, among others.

Workers’ Compensation

An injury or illness sustained on the job can have devastating consequences. A fracture can keep you from moving and a sprain can make lifting objects nearly impossible. It’s estimated over 20% of slip and fall incidents result in over a month away from work, that of which can cause many to lose the money they need to recover properly. In fact, 75% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Workers’ compensation is required in 70% of all states, though the amount of money offered will vary. The maximum compensation awarded an employee who damaged one arm at work was $169,000.

Drunk Driving

Even a minor crash can have long-term consequences felt by multiple parties. Drunk driving is defined by a driver attempting to operate a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Distracted driving is also a major contributor to car crashes. It’s estimated over 600,000 drivers will be attempting to text or talk on the phone while driving during any given daylight moment in America, as well. While a local divorce lawyer focuses primarily on family law and a bankruptcy attorney on finances, a car accident attorney should be contacted involving a possible drunk driving charge.

An attorney is your helping hand in a time of need. No matter the unique and precarious situation you’ve found yourself in, there’s no shame in admitting you need a nudge in the right direction.

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