12 Mar

Bringing Balance and Conscience to the Justice System

Judge faith s. hochberg

Life isn’t fair. That is what we hear from a young age, and life is pretty quick at delivering a situation to drive that point home. There can be plenty of difficult hurdles and injustices to face as we grow through life. A personal bankruptcy, that could have been avoided were it not for unexpected medical expenses, as is the case with 62% of personal bankruptcies. It sure wasn’t the injured or ill individual’s plan to be unwell, and yet he or she ends up having to pay dearly for it. That certainly does not seem fair. Or take those 50% of black Americans who have admitted to being on the receiving end of discrimination at work or even at the voting booth. Such a civil rights violation is not only unfair, but also a b Read More

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02 Mar

Family Law Attorneys Provide Many Services, From Divorce to the Creation of a Will

Divorce attorney ocean county nj

It’s funny how we decide to spend our time. We think nothing of waiting in line, whether standing or in our car in a drive-thru, for 10 minutes to get our favorite cup of coffee. It is puzzling then why nearly 55% of Americans do not take the 15 minutes it would take to create a will. Must be a question of priorities.
Many experienced lawyers who offer a variety of legal services try to emphasize the importance of having a legal document in place that details what should be done with your assets when you are no longer here. In spite of these frequent recommendations, nearly 57% of survey respondents said they have not created a will because they ?just haven?t gotten around to making one.? Unfort Read More

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