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The Differences Between Different Kinds of Lawyers

RMO Lawyers wants you to understand the differences between each kind of estate probate attorney working with estates, wills, and trusts.

The Probate Lawyer works with the estate after an individual has passed. A person who dies testate, that is, who has a will, is likely to have appointed an executor for the estate.

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The probate lawyer may only have to advise or assist that person in carrying out the decedent’s wishes. The task is more complicated if the decedent dies without a will or intestate. The probate lawyer will assist with getting a representative appointed and help that person to carry out the distribution requirements of the state intestacy laws.

The Estate Lawyer works with an individual to plan what will happen after that person dies. The estate lawyer prepares wills and trusts and helps the individual plan how to achieve the desired goals for the estate.

The Probate Litigation Lawyer steps in when things meant to be handled by the probate and estate lawyers don’t work out. The probate litigator handles will and trust disputes, breaches of fiduciary allegations, works to quiet title to assets, and addresses capacity issues.

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